We are photographers, videographers, editors...

 but above all, we are storytellers.

Before pursuing photography professionally, before becoming a licensed drone pilot, before University Production was even an idea, there was Blake Cardoza with a GoPro on a kite, trying to capture the perfect view of his hometown, San Jose. While it didn’t quite work out the way he thought, it did spark the passion for photography that would later lead to the development of University Product.

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We specialize in Real Estate photography and videography, but also have expertise in architectural, landscape, and other creative domains. Our photographers are licensed and insured drone pilots who work with the best equipment the industry has to offer in order to provide clients with a high-quality product. 

We strive to fabricate our clients visions, whether it be sell a home, memorialize an event, or tell a story. We are dedicated to delivering a multilayered dynamic product that enhances and highlights your vision. University Production is here to help create, develop and execute our client's photo and video production.





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Photographer, Videographer

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